The Normal Deviant

is a bit more honest than most

The relevance of normality

The relevance of normality what is it?

A mother holds her baby, looks out the window, watches children playing in the street and cries, is that normal?

A man is killed for being in love and seen kissing the love of his life, is that normal?

An elderly person is found dead, because no-one bothered, is that normal?


What are your thoughts on the people that cry and die, who am I talking about and why?


Normal Me Never!

What is normal? It’s just word with restraints, that’s what it is, conform or you’ll be shunned, feared even!

We are all normal, if you forget that word, try it, you might make sense then.

12 things you have to know about me if we are to be friends

  • I don’t suffer fools, ever
  • I am who I am, I can be no-one else
  • I have three children, two “normal” but hey you can’t always get it right, they are my pride
  • I have been married twice and widowed twice
  • I am extremely dominant
  • I have five brothers, all younger, all stronger in body
  • I abhor violence of any kind
  • I sometimes get sexually¬†aroused by violence TV/books
  • I am a hunter
  • I “care” too much for my own good “so my friends tell me” yes I do have them
  • I like the taste of salt and blood
  • I have stared death in the face three times “it didn’t stare back” so I’m still here

I am looking to sharing my thoughts, life and my humour with you, that is if I haven’t scared you off already.

Within the next twelve days/weeks/years I will tell you about all of the above and more, I don’t get a lot of time to sit at the computer and wile away the hours, I have more important things to do, but this has actually held my interest for more than ten minutes and so do any readers that happen upon me.