The Normal Deviant

is a bit more honest than most

About the deviant

12 things you have to know about me if we are to be friends and keep you comimg back

  • I don’t suffer fools, ever
  • I am who I am, I can be no-one else
  • I have three children, two “normal” but hey you can’t always get it right, they are my pride
  • I have been married twice and widowed twice
  • I am extremely dominant
  • I have five brothers, all younger, all stronger in body
  • I abhor violence of any kind
  • I sometimes get sexually¬†aroused by violence TV/books
  • I am a hunter
  • I “care” too much for my own good “so my friends tell me” yes I do have them
  • I like the taste of salt and blood
  • I have stared death in the face three times “it didn’t stare back” so I’m still here

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